The Three Key Leasing Tools Proven to Maximize Occupancy

Posted on August 17, 2018

With the market starting to soften, it is more necessary than ever to adopt new strategies and marketing solutions in order to increase occupancy and accelerate leasing quantities. Lead management, leasing analytics, and contact centers, are three key leasing tools proven to be indispensable according to the National Multifamily Housing Council’s (NMHC) top property owners in cyclical market downturns.

Solution 1- Lead Management
Contacting a lead within one minute of its receipt increased the likelihood of getting a lease signed by 391%. Properties that are dependent upon traditional lead-gen practices cannot be relied upon to generate more lease signatures in a decelerated market cycle. However, contacting leads within one minute requires staff and technology that most leasing offices and properties do not have.

A lead management solution from RealPage mines 100% of inbound leads with ILM leasing analytics making sure no lead gets left behind, thus allowing staff to prioritize leasing activities that produce the most value. The system also qualifies and prioritizes leads based on different sets of data that can be easily customized for walk-ins and scheduled tours, all with 95% accuracy of scored lead data.

Solution 2- Lease Analytics
The best leasing analytics help executives increase portfolio revenue, provide transparency between operations and marketing and revenue management, and help reveal which leads will provide the most profitability. Integrating with major property management systems, and benchmarking your properties performance against others, are crucial aspects of a lease analytics system that will yield the best lease outcomes. Accurate analytics must be provided in real time and provide the visibility and accountability necessary in the areas of marketing, advertising, and leasing, to get your property to its peak performance regardless of the market cycle.

Solution 3 – Contact Center
Leasing agents roles are transforming to front of the desk jobs, causing them to be absent from leasing offices when critical calls, emails, and lease inquiries come in, leaving those potential “leasees” unserved. Contact centers can schedule visits, respond to emails and calls promptly, respond to maintenance requests, and handle emergencies quickly. Contact centers can also boost profits by upselling ancillary offering and promote amenities.

RealPage has the support and data expertise that can provide the property insights to boost your properties occupancy with Lead Management, Lease Analytics, and Contact Centers. RealPage’s Intelligent Lead Management Solutions (ILM), along with their expert Contact Center provides the ultimate solutions of pumping up your properties lease volume.