Ask Friedman: The Pulse of the Economy and Leasing Stability [Video]

To achieve and maintain leasing stability in today’s ever-changing economic landscape, analyzing the macroeconomy and... Read More

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Make Every Day Earth Day with Energy Star [Infographic]

According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, buildings account for nearly 39% of all... Read More

The Business Case for Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate

Earlier this year ING issued a survey, which found that in the Americas, sustainability strategies... Read More

Apartment Renters Now Expect Sustainable Design Features in Their Units

Sustainable design features including energy efficiency and good indoor air quality are now becoming so... Read More

Renewable energy residential, business projects up in Michigan

Solar energy projects up in 2016 and projected to rise in 2017 Pending state... Read More

6 urban farms feeding the world

A bustling city is the last place you’d ever expect to find a farm. But... Read More

Demolition to start on Northland Center site in Southfield

Dore & Associates to start demolishing Northland Center building Thursday Land to be redeveloped... Read More

Bloomberg’s new London HQ rated world’s most sustainable office

Bloomberg’s new European headquarters in London scored a 98.5% against the latest BREEAM sustainability rating scheme—making it... Read More

The Massive Untapped U.S. Solar Market

Solar and energy storage could become a great solution for commercial buildings if a few... Read More

Living Walls are Breathing Life into Urban Real Estate: Here’s How

The most exciting trend in real estate is a growing, living thing – literally. Living... Read More

Green Financing in Multifamily Housing Grows in 2017

Lower interest rates and larger loans are fueling energy conservation inside multifamily housing operations across... Read More

Green buildings next big thing in office design

It’s set to be the next trillion-dollar industry, and now developers of office space are... Read More