Four Ways to Take Care of Multifamily Investors

Posted on May 17, 2018

When you’re an apartment owner and operator, you have several constituencies to take good care of.

First, there are the prospects. Owner/operators spend a considerable amount of time developing marketing campaigns to attract potential residents and training their on-site staff to provide the kinds of tours and customer service that will convince prospects to sign leases.

Then, of course, there are your current residents. Resident retention depends in large part on how your teams treat renters and communicate with them.

Another critical group of customers consists of your investors. But some owner/operators don’t show their equity sources the same kind of care and attention that they do to their prospects and residents. This is a big mistake: without satisfied investors to provide a reliable stream of funding, an owner/operator won’t be able to develop new communities, acquire existing ones and pursue whatever expansion goals it may have.

So how should a multifamily company—or, for that matter, any firm in the commercial real estate industry—go about conducting its investor relations? Below are some tips.

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