Detroit Ranked 5th in Cities With Best Job Growth, Post-Recession

Posted on November 15, 2012

Over the last two years, the fortunes of many major metros have improved markedly.

But which metros saw the most job growth in the last 24 months? The list, compiled by CareerBuilder, includes some perennial favorites, like tech-heavy San Jose, Calif., Austin, and Raleigh, N.C. In fact,San Jose led all metros with a 7 percent increase since 2010.

But there were some surprises on the list as well. Phoenix and Detroit cracked the Top 10, while Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City have seen impressive growth over the last two years as well.

Location Jobs Added Percent Increase
San Jose, CA 63290 7%
Houston, TX 165969 6%
Austin, TX 49131 6%
Detroit, MI 92407 5%
Salt Lake City, UT 34137 5%
Oklahoma City, OK 28992 5%
Raleigh, NC 24725 5%
Dallas, TX 128644 4%
San Francisco, CA 84014 4%
Phoenix, AZ 81606 4%

Linsey Isaacs, Multfamily Executive